KER Legal Group | End of Life Planning
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End of Life Planning

Whether you are planning for yourself, your parents or a loved one, end of life planning begins with one simple question: “Do I want to determine my family’s future or will I be satisfied with the government making life and death decisions for me and my family?”


Does your family own a home? Are you a blended family? Same sex couple? You must have a plan in place. Period. The biggest error individuals make in estate planning is failing to plan. Due to recent changes in the law, it’s not just the ultra-wealthy who need a well-crafted end of life strategy.


Every modern middle class family desiring to spare their loved ones from court intervention if they become incapacitated, or die, should have – at a bare minimum – a living trust, a financial durable power of attorney and an advance health care directive. As your estate grows, we employ more sophisticated strategies to minimize taxes and align the plan with your evolving legacy goals.


Each day is a blessing and tomorrow is promised to no one. Your family will thank you and you might just sleep a little easier at night. If maintaining control of your life and your wishes is important, begin the estate planning process by completing an advance health care directive. We’re always here to help.